An old witch who lived deep inside the forest used to weave special dolls for all the children of the nearby village.

The ungrateful children, unimpressed by their crudeness, took it out on the dolls, tormenting them for fun; picking buttons off their faces, slicing their sown limbs, and burning the enchanted gifts with matches.

The dolls suffered in silence, until…

On the morning after the second blood moon of the year, as the village folk began to rise and start their day, to their horror they discovered that all the village children had disappeared, along with the dolls they used to play with, both never to be seen again.

No one knows for sure, but legend has it that the witch captured the souls of the children and transfixed them into the puppets to get revenge. Every night she gathers them in a sick, twisted game, tormenting their souls by making them pick each other apart just as they had once done to her dolls.

Their only hope is to fight each other to the death, in the witch’s sadistic contest, with the promise of one day possibly returning to their mortal form.…

The mint

Free - Minted out!



Doomies is an on-chain turn-based strategy game played on a 9x9 grid. You must own a Doomie to enter the game, and a Doomie can only play the game once, regardless if you win or lose. Each Doomie can only play once and there are 16 players per game.


You can choose to do a few things on your turn - move one space directly adjacent to where you are currently on the board or choose to do nothing for a turn. Each turn lasts 24 hours and whoever inputs their move first will have their move resolved first.


If two players move onto the same tile, you engage in combat.

For each of the 7 traits a Doomie has, a dice is rolled from 1 to the total stat (base stat plus any weapon modifiers). Whoever rolls higher in each trait wins for that trait, and the one who wins the most traits wins that round.

End Game

If you lose a battle, you are removed from the game.

If you beat all the other Doomies in battle or all players collectively don’t fight for 6 turns, then you are a winner.

THE Pieces


Each Doomie will be randomly assigned a score from 1-10 in each of 7 traits (Sadistic, Ruthless, Devious, Conniving, Brutish, Resourceful, and Sneaky) upon spawninged in the game. The total of your base traits added together is equal to 35 before a weapon is equipped and 38 after.


Weapons are randomly spawned in the middle of the board. All weapons give you a net +3 attack across different traits. Depending on the weapon, some trait stats are decreased and some are increased. Moving to a tile with a weapon automatically picks it up and when a player dies, the equipped weapon is removed from the game.


WTF is this?

Doomies is a one week hackathon project from the Big Head Club team (inspired by one of Dom Hoffman’s tweets!)
You can learn about how we got there by reading our blog post!

Do I need an NFT to play?

Yes. We will sell 800 NFTs and start with one game of 16. If you can’t join, don’t worry! If you won or haven’t played yet, your NFT will give you the chance to join the lobby of a game in the future.


No new discord, just join Big Head Club’s.

Who are you?

We are Big Head Club!
Creators of the Biglyverse, makers of the strangest things.

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